Thursday, 28 July 2016

Waiting for power after a storm

With more weather event upon us, it is probably a good time to remind householders that if you haven’t already taken steps to protect your property and electrical system from storms, that now is the time to take stock and do whatever is necessary to protect you and your family. Below you’ll find the Sydney Local Electricians top storm safety tips to keep you and your family safe this storm season.

Storm Safety Tips
Severe storms can be fast moving and can strike at any time. They can be unpredictable and often cause major damage to property, as well as serious injury and even loss of life. What if you lost power and access to telecommunications? Ask yourself, if you and your family were isolated by a severe storm or flood, would you have enough food and water to last at least three or more days?  Charlotte from Annandale takes the safety of her family very seriously and called us at Sydney Local Electricians to get an Annandale Electrician to come and inspect her home for electrical safety after a particularly ferocious storm.  Water had gotten into her Susan Street townhouse and they had only just gotten the power back on hours earlier.  She was particularly mindful of getting the wiring and electrical components inside her home checked by our Annandale Electrician for the safety of herself, her husband and two small daughters.  Thankfully her home was electrically safe and only needed the service of a couple of high powered drying fans to remove some of the leaked water.

If you aren’t already prepared, it is imperative you now take action and look around your home to identify any potential hazards that may become airborne during a storm and cause interruption to your power supply. These items may include loose roofing, outdoor furniture and umbrellas, garden tools and outdoor toys as well as overgrown tree branches and other debris. Also, if you have an overhead power supply coming in from the street to your home check that there is no contact with trees and branches. Never attempt to prune these trees yourself if they are in and around power lines. If you are concerned a tree is too close to a power line, call your electrical provider and arrange a tree trim.

Surge Protection Installation
A small investment in surge protection could save you thousands of dollars in replacing electrical items so we would encourage you to call the friendly team at Sydney Local Electricians on 0415 11 66 22 about having lightning protection installed in your switchboard to protect all your appliances. When a storm does threaten, disconnect all sensitive appliances, such as computers and TVs, and unplug the telephone and TV antenna before the storm arrives. Never use equipment directly connected to electricity during a severe storm. It is also recommended that you tune into your local radio station for storm warnings and weather updates. Of course, don’t forget to keep fresh batteries available to power your radio in the event of a blackout. Many Councils now have SMS storm alerts which you can sign up for to enable you to receive a timely warning on your mobile phone when a severe storm is threatening your area.  Under no circumstance should you attempt any do-it-yourself repairs if your property suffers storm damage. This includes your home’s electrical system and any electrical appliances which may have been damaged. Likewise, never attempt to use appliances that have been effected by water as they can cause electric shock. Call a qualified Annandale Electrician for assistance. If wires have come down, report fallen power lines or damage to the electricity network to Energex on 13 19 62.

For any electrical checks, repairs or installations, why not call the team at Sydney Local Electricians.  We will be at your home or business in next to no time and can be contacted by calling 0415 11 66 22.

USB Power Points

Power points are a common day necessity that we all take for granted and with everything needing to be plugged in, having electrical sockets that match our lifestyle and need is a wonderful thing.  There are many designs and features of electrical power points available nowadays, but unfortunately choosing the right power point can be a seemingly complex task as Melissa from Bonnyrigg soon found out.  She called our team at Sydney Local Electricians after choosing us to install some new power points and upgrade some of the old ones in her Holdin Street town house, when she discovered that her choice was far more complex than simply choosing the power point panel cover.  Our Bonnyrigg electrician suggested that she may like to consider installing USB power points as part of her electrical upgrade

A USB power point, as the name suggests, is a power point that also has a USB socket built into it. They can be customised in a variety of combinations to suit your need, such as:
  • Double power point with double USB point
  • Single power point with double USB point
  • Single power point with 2 double USB points
  • From 1 – 6 double USB points on one switch plate
If you own an iPhone, iPad, Samsung or any other mobile or tablet device then yes, you do need at least one USB power point. The best place to install them is on the kitchen splashback, bedroom next to your bed, office, lounge room or anywhere that you would conveniently like to charge your devices without having to plug and unplug chargers. You can charge any brand device with a USB power point and no longer need to keep all the unsightly chargers in plain sight.  

With the average family of four each possessing multiple portable devices including mobile phones, iPods, iPads and tablets, multiple places in the home to change devices will never go astray.  Sydney Local Electricians highly recommend using a reputable brand such as Clipsal or HPM Legrand as using the wrong USB power point can be very dangerous and may cause a fire or electric shock. Stay away from the cheap imported products and choose one that is Australian compliant to save yourself money and hassles in the long run.  Melissa did choose a number of USB power points to be installed in convenient places around her home and she later told our Bonnyrigg electrician that it was the best choice she has made in relation to convenience.  

It’s always recommended to call a licensed electrician when looking to get any work done to your homes electrical system and it’s important to remember that in order for your home to be covered by insurance, any electrical work performed on your home must be done by a licensed contractor.  Faulty or incorrectly done electrical work can be dangerous via risk of electrocution or risk of fire.  

When you decide to install a USB power point, getting help from Sydney Local Electricians is a great place to start and if you would like to book a Bonnyrigg electrician to install these power points into your home, please call us on 0415 11 66 22 to make an appointment with one of our qualified electricians.